Flashback for the fall back

It’s daylight savings time.

Alice in Wonderland by Claire Stevenson

This means we must “fall back,” vis-à-vis turning our clocks one hour back, because long ago we cared about farms and the farmers who decided to perform farming-like activities so they wouldn’t have to farm in the shadows.  This is fair, because they reap the product of the sun and the elements from which we eat and feed and nourish our body, minds and souls with.

We should all just do our best to adjust our schedules accordingly for the place that, oh – I don’t know, is our raison d’être?

But what do I know, I just live here.

In honor of this day, below is a really old oldie – from the vault. I used to experiment poetry and prose a lot it seems.  Nothing mind blowing, but aptly themed:

The occurrence
A fleeting thought is often just that.

Raw and uncensored thoughts occur, it has occurred to me.

A projection  of truth unto nothingness,

Validated to the Creator as a reason to reasoning.

But it is to be feared, as lies are to be heeded.

It has occurred.

To distinguish truth from paranoia and never pretend.

Something is nothing and nothing is always something,

These truths that we bend.